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The Laboratory Dentists Trust®

Kuwata Pan Dent is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of our clients, their patients, and our employees. We strive to be your trustworthy laboratory partner, serving as a member of your own team. We invite you to discover what sets Kuwata Pan Dent apart.


Our educated and experienced staff are passionate about meeting your personal requirements for quality products and services. You can count on us to work with you as a member of your own team. Your success is our top priority, which is why we consistently deliver outstanding restorations to delight your patients. Advanced technical support is always available for your most challenging cases.

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We are proud of our reputation as a trustworthy dental laboratory that prioritizes transparency and honesty. We never cut corners or skimp on quality to save a few dollars. Instead, we carefully select the very best restorative materials and only hire exceptional technicians to ensure all of our products are top notch. We have confidence in our restorations, and you can too. We keep thorough records and provide full disclosure of patient contact materials. Our warranty is the best in the business.

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We care about the health and safety of your patients. All of our restorations are made in America in an OSHA-compliant production environment and only with FDA-approved materials. We are proud to be a part of the NADL What’s in Your Mouth campaign, which promotes transparency in every aspect of the restorative process. We are committed to meeting specific standards related to quality assurance, safety, business, and manufacturing practices. Our dental technicians possess significant mastery of the knowledge and applied skills needed in dental technology and work in the proper conditions.

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All of our restorations are fabricated using our proven 4-C system.

  • Certified to ISO 9001 since January of 2000.
  • Consistent quality produced in a Certified Dental Lab.
  • Creative solutions by educated and experienced Certified Dental Technicians.
  • Compliant with all FDA requirements.

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We host frequent continuing education events at the lab and support several study clubs and dental organizations. This type of collaboration enhances our mutual growth. Just like dentists, CDTs must fulfill annual continuing education requirements, so you can be sure that our information and techniques are current.

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The Kuwata Pan Dent team is proud to be affiliated with numerous influential organizations that help ensure the dental industry is advancing in the right direction. We also support organizations that improve the oral health and smiles of children, victims of domestic and sexual abuse, the elderly, those living with a permanent disability, and those who are medically fragile. We invite you to explore the organizations listed below and learn more about how they are improving the dental industry and the oral health of the general public.