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Welcome New Doctors

Kuwata Pan Dent is the laboratory dentists trust. Your success is our priority, which means that everything we do is planned to save you time and money. Our case submission process has been streamlined to make sending traditional or digital cases as easy as possible. Everything you need is in one convenient location. After sending your first case through our new doctor process, we invite you to create an account that will save your information to increase efficiency next time you send us a case.


Step One

Choose Your Preferred Type of Case

Send a Traditional Case

With our guided impression submission process, you can get your traditional case to the Kuwata Pan Dent Team in no time. Everything you need can be found in the following steps.

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Send a Digital Case

We fully embrace the digital evolution within the dental industry. We accept scans from the major intraoral scanners.

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Step Two

Download Rx Form

We happily provide printable Rx forms for all your cases.

Crown and Bridge Rx Removable Rx Diagnostic Rx


Step Three

Choose Your Delivery Method

A messenger service will hand pickup and deliver cases for doctors located within our pickup area. Please provide us with your zip code to see if you qualify. If you are not a local doctor, we also provide free shipping labels to ensure your case gets to our laboratory quickly and safely.


Step Four

You’re Finished!

We hope you found our case submission process quick and simple. We have placed all the resources you have used today in the menu above below Send a Case. We invite you to print our Rx forms, shipping labels, and schedule pickup anytime you send us a case.