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Like you, Kuwata Pan Dent has the utmost confidence in the restorations we provide. Unfortunately, once a case is delivered, we have no control over the care and maintenance it receives. This warranty has been crafted to ensure that patients return to your office on a regular basis, thus protecting their investment and our mutual reputations.

When a patient asks about the longevity of their restoration, you can now say with complete assurance that the restoration is guaranteed, provided that such patient adheres to a twice annual examination and proper cleaning regimen.

Kuwata Pan Dent warranties each restoration they fabricate to be free from defects in material or craftsmanship for the following periods:

  • Fixed Restorations, 10 years
  • Dentures, 5 years

What the Warranty Covers

All claims under this Warranty must be made within 60 days from the date the defect was first discovered and must be accompanied with the written cause of the claim, the name of the patient, and the date of the manufacture of the restoration. Provided that the conditions of this warranty are met, Kuwata Pan Dent will remake or repair crown and bridge restorations or denture appliances with like materials at no charge to the original restoring dentist.

What the Warranty Does Not Cover

  • All ceramic bridges
  • Bonding failure
  • Cash refund for the restoration
  • Change in original design
  • Cosmetic changes to the restoration after the patient accepts insertion
  • Expenses for reinsertion, including, but not limited to chair time, chairside materials or travel
  • Incidental or related damage
  • Refacing of hybrid restorations
  • Repairs, relines, soft liners or replacement of denture teeth resulting from normal wear and tear
  • Replacement or repair of restorations resulting from failure of teeth, tissue or implant
  • Replacement or repair resulting from accidents, neglect or abuse
  • Temporary restorations

Conditions of Warranty

  • Patient must see the dentist for cleaning and a dental examination at least twice each year.
  • Visits must be documented, signed and dated by the dentist.
  • Dentures must be relined and teeth replaced as prescribed by the dentist. This work must be completed by Kuwata Pan Dent.
  • Proof of purchase must be provided.

Exceptions to Warranty

If a Kuwata Pan Dent technician expresses concerns to the dentist about proceeding with a restoration because of technical limitations, and the dentist requests that the lab proceed in spite of the limitations, this warranty shall not apply.